Cavity Wall Insulation Removal or Extraction

Cavity wall insulation removal or extraction when required must be completed efficiently. We can remove all types of insulation and both our methods and equipment are part of our comprehensive solution which qualifies us as the only experts you need.

Insulation needs removing for a number of reasons these include;

  • Incorrectly installed insulation which is producing cold or damp spots within the building fabric.

  • Defective insulation material (Urea-formaldehyde)

  • Insulation becoming wet through poorly maintained properties (Porous masonry and mortar joints)

  • Insulation becoming wet through flooding or fire damage.

  • Old damp loft insulation due to leaking roof fabric or loft insulation that has become impregnated by animal faeces due to infestation.

Thermal Imaging

We provide thermal imaging of properties both before and after insulation has been installed. This provides clients with visual images of their property which includes evidence that the insulation measures carried out are working effectively which in turn can be used in future marketing projects.


Thermal imaging can also be used to identify any areas of thermal bridging, where hot spots and cold spots meet to cause damp issues, in properties that have suspected failed retro fitted cavity wall insulation. Read more on this service here...

Retro-fitted Chemical Damp Proof Course

Cavity Extraction Ltd provides equipment to test for damp in masonry such as the Protimeter range, Thermal Imagery, Speedy testing as well as providing laboratory analysis to test for salts in masonry if required.

Where there is evidence of either no DPC or a failed DPC, rising damp will eventually appear resulting in area of damp and staining / discolouration up to 900mm above the skirting level along the whole length of the wall. Read more here...

Remedial Ties

Here at Cavity Extraction Ltd we can replace cavity wall ties in properties that have seen related issues, such as external wall cracks or damp.

Wall ties made of cast iron or galvanised steel were used in houses from 1900 and were expected to last 'forever', but we now know this isn't always true.

New neoprene and stainless steel wall ties are the best available and are what we use to ensure secure structure for the properties brickwork on exterior walls.   

Cavity Wall Borescope Inspection

Cavity Extraction can provide borescope investigation which is a quick and un-intrusive investigation to gather imagery and measurements from within the structure of your property.


We provide high resolution photographic images samples and any dimensions required by the client. We can identify the presence of cavity wall insulation, its type, its condition and condition of the cavities.


This method of investigation can also be used to identify the type of construction of the walls when a visual inspection can’t be conclusive due to render finishing.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

Our sister company MERCER EPC can complete a competitively priced Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for single dwellings or multiple properties for landlords and housing associations. For more information email enquiry@mercerepc.com or visit www.mercerepc.com

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