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Cavity Insulation Removal -


Do you have damp walls or condensation in your home or property?


You may do and you are not alone as almost half the houses in the UK have poorly or wrongly fitted cavity wall insulation.

If there are cold spots in your walls then condensation will gather and mould will form. This not only has a negative effect on the property but also on your health.


If that’s not reason to remove it then remember you probably had it installed to save money on your fuel bills. If your cavity wall insulation has become even 1% damp it will have lost its insulation effect and will no longer be saving you money.  


A cavity is there for a reason. Its purpose is to stop the transfer of moisture from the external skin of the property to the internal skin. In simple terms air in the cavity allows moisture to evaporate before it settles on a surface.


Here at Cavity Extraction we provide a specialist cavity wall insulation extraction service. We use the very latest techniques to extract the damp and wet insulation material. All our employees are DBS checked and are CSCS card holders. As a business our staff are experienced, qualified and educated in understanding the problems that poorly or incorrectly installed cavity wall insulation create in your property.

We urge you to speak to one of our experts today for free impartial advice on protecting your property inside and out.

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Incorrectly fitted cavity wall insulation...

A mere 1% of dampness in insulation can compromise its insulating properties and lead to increased fuel bills. This contradicts the promises of savings made by cavity insulation installers and energy providers who advocated the installation.

Problems occur in two ways with cavity wall insulation.


1.It’s poorly installed. If care and experience is not taken to fully fill the cavity in your wall then there will be spaces where moisture can gather and damp can develop.   

​​It is estimated that 40% of properties that have had cavity wall insulation in the UK have pockets where there is no insulation, this produces cold spots and areas for condensation to form which allows damp mould to form. The damp and mould causes superficial damage to décor initially but over time more substantial damage to the fabric of the walls. For those living in the property damp has also been shown to cause health issues.



2. It is incorrectly installed. Depending on the location of your property you may have had cavity wall insulation fitted when it would cause more harm than good to your property. (See map). Due to the weather in certain geographic locations building regulations do not support the installing of insulation. Wind and rain drive water into the bricks and if the cavity is full rather than running down the inside layer the water passes through the insulation and into internal walls. The cavity is there for a reason, to stop the transfer of moisture from the external skin to the internal skin. By installing a retro fit insulation material, evidence suggests that this is wrong.

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Cavity insulation was removed from our house after suffering mould and damp, Damian came out to check the property before hand then he and his team did a fabulous job removing it.
Great team, reliable, honest and hard working. Would highly recommend to anybody.

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