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Victims of botched cavity wall insulation ‘ignored’ by government says pressure (29 January 2020)

Victims of botched insulation fittings have been ‘abandoned’ with no adequate redress system from the industry or government according to a pressure group.

Faulty cavity wall insulation has caused UK properties to suffer from dampness, wall tie corrosion and mould, costing homeowners thousands to put right.

Mass cavity wall installations were carried out across the country after successive government-backed schemes obliged big energy companies to cut carbon emissions and make homes more efficient, the current scheme, Energy Company Obligation (ECO3) will run until March 2022.

Cavity Insulation Victims’ Alliance (CIVALLI) founder Pauline Saunders said: “The government will say there is a redress system but there isn’t, in practice it doesn’t work.

“It has ignored all the historical cases and they have been abandoned.”

One expert has estimated that up to two million homes may have problems as a result of insulation being pumped into the cavity between outside and inside walls.

In some extreme cases, the resulting problems of damp and mould inside the house have rendered properties worthless and unsellable.

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