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Removal of Failed Insulation

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“Unlocking Comfort: The Cavity Extraction Blog”

Are you experiencing damp internal walls, staining, condensation, or black mould due to cavity wall insulation (CWI)?


  • You’re not alone. Many homeowners face similar issues after having CWI installed. But fear not! Our team at Cavity Extraction Ltd are specialists in cavity wall insulation extraction across the North West, Lancashire, and Cumbria regions

  • What We Offer: Expertise: Led by Damian Mercer, our team has a wealth of knowledge in the construction industry

  • 3. Advanced Techniques: We are the industry experts in cavity extraction and related property problems. We use cutting-edge methods, including thermal imaging, to assess each property accurately.

  • 4. Effective Removal: Our extraction process ensures efficient and thorough removal of damp and wet insulation material & we are the only extraction company that certifies extractions!

  • 5. Peace of Mind: Say goodbye to dampness and hello to a healthier living environment.

If you suspect any cavity insulation issues, don’t hesitate — contact Cavity Extraction Ltd today Email us at or call 01772 972343 for more details.

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