Do you have damp in your home? Then you too could be a victim of incorrectly or wrongly installed cavity wall insulation.

January 20, 2017

Over the years we have been encouraged to insulate our homes and many of us took the advice to fill our buildings cavities with insulation (retro fitted). Unfortunately, this may have caused your property more harm than good as some buildings were designed in such a way to allow moisture to escape from the building and protect the inner walls from moisture getting through. 

 If moisture passes through the cavity then the insulation its self will become damp and cause damp problems in your home. If the insulation is even damp by 1% it will no longer act as an insulation material and not only not be saving you any money on your fuel bills, possibly costing more because of the damp. Add that to the expense of redecorating rooms that have damp patches and are destroying your property then it pays to have an expert come and assess whether poorly or wrongly installed cavity wall insulation is the cause of your problem. 


Here at Cavity Extraction we have specialists in cavity wall insulation who through investigations can fully understand the problem with your property. They use a combination of thermal imaging and cavity wall borescope inspection. 


Thermal imaging can be used to identify any areas of thermal bridging, where hot spots and cold spots meet and cause damp issues, in properties that have suspected failed retro fitted cavity wall insulation.
Cavity wall borescope inspection is a quick and un-intrusive investigation to gather imagery and measurements from within the structure of your property. This method of investigation can also be   used to identify the type of construction of the walls when a visual inspection can’t be conclusive due to render finishing.



We provide high resolution photographic images samples and any dimensions required by the client. We can identify the presence of cavity wall insulation, its type, its condition and condition of the cavities.

If it is found that the damp being cause is due to poorly or wrongly fitted cavity wall insulation then we can use the very latest techniques to extract the damp and wet insulation material.


As a business our staff are experienced, qualified and educated in understanding the problems that poorly or incorrectly installed cavity wall insulation create in your property. 


For a free no obligation quote please contact us on Preston 972343, Blackpool 804303 or email 

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