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Remedial Ties

Wall ties play an essential part of the stability of masonry panels. Houses build before 1978 usually contained wall ties manufactured from galvanised mild steel. These ties were expected to last the lifetime of the building, but for many years it has been recognised that some of these wall ties have corroded after only 15 or 20 years, and this can be accelerated where damp and flooding becomes an issue.

When these ties corrode, they can expand and this causes the brickwork to crack at the mortar joints and can result in major damage and sometimes the collapse of walls.

In most cases we replace the old degraded wall ties with new Neoprene ties. Fashioned from stainless steel with locking brass nuts, these wall ties are ideal for projects that prioritise brickwork. The ridges of the inner-neoprene spreader work with the anti-slip knurled nut, offering superior grip and uninterrupted expansion. For additional protection, a dip ring has been fitted allowing for movement between the two leaves.

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